International Remote@Relaibility ServiceForum at the ISS International Business School of Service Management Hamburg

23rd + 24th October 2013


RemoteServiceForum goes international
22nd Feb. 2011 IHK Karlsruhe (Chamber of Commerce) Germany


1st Annual Remote Service Technologie Meeting
The congress for remote and advanced service tools

Conference language: English

Technology: Remote Service Platforms, Condition-
Monitoring, knowledge Datamining

DVD with presentations of the whole day and additional all English and German presentations from the last remote events
199.- €

Market study
Remote and advanced service tools and business models 2012
Language: English
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All participants of the study get a discount of 50% on offering price 780.- € by end of 2013.


International Remote and Reliability Forum

23./24. October 2013

ISS International Business School of Service Management Hamburg

Conference Language English

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Service in international organization with excellence in know-how it's not easy. Modern remote service concepts are a challenge to provide faster and cheaper service with less staff. Change to service contracts can be seen on the first international remote and reliability forum at the International Business School of Servuce Management Hamburg

Experts and mangers discuss

  • Teleservice
  • Monitoring
  • Knowledge handling
  • Smart service contracts

With case study, break out sessions, project experience and conclusion of scientists from France, Switzerland, Germany, Israel Belgium.

The examples are from

  • machine industry
  • electrical industry
  • life service/ health care

We would be pleased, if you would come to the conference.

Karl-Heinz Sauter

Remote service projects in your company

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